What We Do

At Zamma Awareness Initiative, We provide Community Awareness and medical care for Populace.

Managed Care Services

We connect the Populace to other health care providers so that you will get those additional services and referrals as needed and that they are covered by a variety of health plans

Medical Records

Zamma Awareness Initiative organizes and maintains critical information in patient files to make sure that your medical care is consistent and of the highest quality. We add all medical reports (visits with physicians, treatments, etc.) to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for your immediate viewing through our confidential patient portal on our website as well as reviews by the providers. , we are sensitive to the private nature of your and all our patients’ medical records. We take steps to make sure that your records are kept confidential and secure. Medical information is not released without your written permission on our authorization form. Copies of records for other health care providers are made free of charge. We do charge for copies made for your own personal records. We ask for a separate authorization for each request.